festival celebrations:)…

Sharing happiness of being an Indian….


When I was busy wasting my time in the virtual world(internet) doing absolutely nothing important…a foreigner asked ….Hey! You are from India..I love Indian food..I love your festivals…want to see India once…It was cool to listen…

Many of us have faced a similar encounter ,where we find a certain image of our country and our religion in the eyes of unknown ppl…and its cool to be happy about that:):):)

Here in India we have got Variety in food that lingers soul…
Where else do you find 56 dishes in one plate … Every place has got its own flavour



Here are the pictures of the Rasgulla and samosa the ideal sweet and snacks for any special occassion here…
The festivals are endless and thats the beauty of this place…
It’s like a Continuous celebration going on which never ends..


Recently we had Rakshabandhan..where the sisters got the gifts and the promise from their brothers that they will be protected by them always…and brothers got their pockets empty😅😅😅…..
Its always fun to have these celebrations with your family…

When I was a child…my biggest fantasy was to go and stare the lightings of the temple, the decorations and the rush of ppl..
I am an adult now but view like these are still a bliss for me:)


What else do you want for saying that I feel happy , relaxed and peacefull… I love my home…..

And always remember…there is life before death….

Author: itsmeharshi

Common girl trying to pen down her experience with life.....

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