Nothing serious…:):):)

Everyday experience you can relate with….:)



I got this image on whatsapp sent by my younger cousin today btw this image is of an Indian actor…
After the image he texted … I am going to get that soon…

I asked…What?

The glares😎 he replied…

I mean wow….
When I was of his age…. These cell phones never existed so it sounds so unfair…
Maximum I thought was watching my favourite tv serial on Sundays..

Time has changed so fast and now it appears like a dream…
My younger cousins are buissy all day on their smartphones…

Alas! They will never know the fun of those outdoor games , talking to friends OFFLINE 😅…
Enjoying the holidays by playing Seven stones…Pre planning summer vacations…Exchanging hand made greating cards bla bla bla..

Now we are more developed…and we are progressing by leaps and bounds but our everyday starts…BY TOUCHING THE ALARM CLOCK OF OUR CELL PHONES AND ENDS BY CLICKING LOG OUT FROM OUR LAPY….:):)

Author: itsmeharshi

Common girl trying to pen down her experience with life.....

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