Dreamy me…

Dreams which stayed tangled in my head😍😍




I m feeling a bit dreamy and drousy😍😍😍

I could never figure out this exactly, but I guess there are some tiny winy dreams which are there in your eyes from childhood…

They stay with you all the time as a place of comfort and joy and as an escape from this real practical world which sometimes scare you😱😱

I always had this attraction towards lights and lanterns …I could never describe 😍😍😘

It stays with me all the time, as upto this time it hasn’t been fulfilled but hope I would get that one day…

Darkness lightened with lanterns is my ultimate fantasy…:)😅

Sometimes these thoughts make me feel light and happy and not grown up btw😂😂😂 but then I realise that sometimes we should let the child inside us shout out loud:mrgreen:instead of zipping ourself with the grown up tag😯…

Its our life lets pick pretty moments to make it happy…..

Author: itsmeharshi

Common girl trying to pen down her experience with life.....

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