Pre new year resolution….

My step towards a good health…


So after some serious illness I visited the doctor once again and I have got some big news for myself 😱😱😒 doc has said that my never ending cycle of diseases is due to my foul food habits…

That man is right I guess…and I want to be okay this time so , apart from his not so tasty tabs and syrup course of one week , I have to be on strict diet…

And I dont want to cry hear but its gonna be really strict for me…I have to completely stop eating Rice….😦 eggs and non veg…god knows how much I love eggs 😟😟 and I have to completely avoid all the mouth watering substance of the bakery which is near my house…and there should be no doubt that I m the permanent customer of that shop…alas its all gonna end😩😩

But hey! I m strong enough to do this…I m prepared to fight…I just want my health back💪
God being my helper I ‘ll be fit and fine soon….:):):)

Author: itsmeharshi

Common girl trying to pen down her experience with life.....

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