Some unanswered questions

Are the intellects making the country tolerant through a wrong rage policy…


Today in kolkata(India) a beef party was organised on the road…
I am a Hindu and I will never eat beaf in my life…but it never  bothers me if the rest of the world is eating beef all together…

India is a free country and we are free to eat, drink, write,wear or love anything we want to…

But I have a question ….. My question is to all those poltical leaders, Intellectual section of society debating over beaf on T.V.
The Writers, producers, scientists who are returning their awards claiming it to be their step against increasing intolerant atmosphere in the country….

India is a land of religious and cultural diversities…. Where many religions live peacefully ,but the line from peace to conflict ,is really narrow….

We don’t live in Gandhian era…if I will offend you will offend me its natural…. My question is to all those who are against the beef ban and organising parties on roads….Is this a step towards increasing tolerance in a country where maximum population doesn’t eat beef?….Is returning the natinal honours, showing off India as a disaster for minority’s proper…? Is diminishing the image of a country through a wrong rage correct?…

A fight can only lead to more fights…the intellectual terrorists will get their work done, but the citizens will suffer, from contrasting feelings of love, hate, conflict, pain, stress and riots at the end….

Ikhlaq was not a person from minority he was a human who got killed…similarly the policeofficer who died fighting against Cow taskar’s wasn’t just a hindu, he was a living being…remove the tag Dalit and again read the news…two kids were burnt to death….

I hope I conveyed the message…
Stay human stay blessed…

Author: itsmeharshi

Common girl trying to pen down her experience with life.....

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