Experience I’ll never forget…

Today I went to the doctor…
I had a small lump in my right breast..
From the time I figured it out..
I was scared very scared…
I mean we all are well aware of the breast cancer…
Its like when you feel that everything could be ended in a moment…
My grandfather died of Cancer..
I am all aware of the stages,the pain,the meds,the treatment and at at the end… Death..

Although I didn’t have any pain or any symptoms…but you never know…So I went to the Dr.

The Dr. was a really nice lady..She talked to me at first..and then examined properly..
My heart bursted with delight when she told me that it’s nothing to worry…
It was just a lump…not a tumour or anything related to cancer…
She gave me medicines and told that I’ll be fine soon..

I can not describe this experience it’s like…dead in one moment and alive in the next..

Share your experiences …which had a huge and positive impact on you…Stay blessed everyone


Author: itsmeharshi

Common girl trying to pen down her experience with life.....

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