Pets are love….

Hey! Hope everyone is all set for Christmas Celebrations…
My last few days were extremely busy..all packed up with studies and classes and work…and a bit more work and more…goshhh:'(

In this busy schedule I was trying hard to fulfill my responsibilty towards those who are dependent on me…My pretty fishes…🐟🐠🐡




I tried hard to clean the aquarium and take proper care as much as I could…but I don’t know why ? This time I failed…
I was doing this for more than a year…but this time my three fishes died in a week…😟😟

And yesterday my aquarium began to leak…:evil:
My parents are not interested in this pet thing…sadly 😥
So I had to remove the aquarium and put a big flower pot on its place….

I always loved the aquarium with shining fishes dancing around it…alas I don’t have time to take care of pets…because of my studies…

Pets are awesome…they can give you selfless love and joy😍😍

I hope I will be able to get the permission from my parents in future to get some pets at my place…:):):)


Author: itsmeharshi

Common girl trying to pen down her experience with life.....

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