Ghazals the love of my life…

I don’t remember the time when I started listening ghazals….:?
As everyone in my family is a big fond of it…
I grown up listening  the ghazals of Pankaj udhas and Jagjeet Singh..:)
“Ghungaroo toot gaye”…”Chitthi ayi hai.”…”Sabko maloom hai mai Sharabi nahi.”….”Kagaz ki kashti.”..”Tamanna fir machal jaaye.”…..”Chaudhavi ki Raat”…..”Badi Nazuk hai ye Manzil.”…..”Tum Itana jo Muskura rahe ho.”..the list goes on:D:D

Apart from that…My teenage went around listening … “Chupke-2 Raat din”…..:oops: by Ghulam ali…and not to be mentioned the Master “Nusrat Fateh Ali khan”…. “Saanso ki Mala pe.”..I still recall a ghazal from his last album “Unki Gali Me Aana Jana”…..”Hai kahan ka iraada tumhaara sanam”…..

I’ve heard …..” Chale bhi aao ke Gulshan ka karobaar Chale” during my heart breaks….💔💔
and Celebrated the love with…
“Zindagi zab bhi teri Bazm me”..💖💖..

Moreover you can say that I had a ghazal attached to  every part of my life…

Sadly now a days I don’t get time to listen and discover my profound love….:(:(:(..

Dedicating “Chalo ek baar fir se Ajnabi ban jayein hum dono”…to “Ghazals” my love😍😍😍😍

Hope we will get along soon the way we were like always……


Author: itsmeharshi

Common girl trying to pen down her experience with life.....

18 thoughts on “Ghazals the love of my life…”

  1. Ghazal is a common and popular form of music in Indian and Pakistan. Strictly speaking, it is not a musical form at all but a poetic recitation. However, today it is commonly conceived of as an Urdu song whose prime importance is given to the lyrics. Ghazal traces its roots in classical Arabic poetry. Ghazal grew from the Persian qasida (a verse form that had come to Iran from Arabia around the 10th century A.D).The qasida was usually a eulogy composed in praise of the emperors or their noblemen. Many a times the Qasida often had 100 couplets or more.Β 

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  2. The poetic arrangement of the Ghazal is precise. The Ghazal is based upon a series of couplets which are woven together by a rhyming formation. The first couplet of the Ghazal is called “matla” and is the most important one. At times there are two matlas, where the second one is referred as “matla-e-sani”. The last couplet of the Ghazal is vital and is called the “maqta”. The “maqta” usually contains the pen name of the poet. The maqta is generally different from rest of the Ghazals as it is a personal statement.Β 

    The Ghazal music revolves usually around a few common themes. The Ghazals are woven around unreciprocated love, madness, mystical reflection and even social commentaries ridiculing and highlighting religious orthodoxy. But the most important theme of Ghazals is unrequited love. The traditional Ghazals are similar to the Hindustani classical music forms such as “Dadra” and “Thumri”. Then there are some Ghazal forms that are similar to Qawwali. India has produced some of the exceptional talents in the field of Ghazal singing like Begum Akhtar, Jagjit Singh and Pankaj Udhas.

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      1. Yes
        All we know about ghazals is indian version a ghazal singer with kurta payjama attire shawl wrapped around …Tabla harmonium along with flute.
        I.ll share with you those ghazals I.ll try to translate for you …but not here on wordpress.

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      2. I meant you can share the link if they are available online…
        I’ll listen them….
        And please don’t bother if they aren’t available easily…
        Thanks a lot for such nice info abt ghazals…..:)

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