Fascinating Buildings India….


The picture above is a part of the very famous “Rampur Raza library”…

This library is called as the treasure of Indo Islamic learning and arts …as it holds some of the very ancient and valuable manuscripts….Historical documents…and Mughal painting’s Miniature…

Apart from all the treasure it holds within…there is something else…which attracted me a lot…when I saw this picture….

This part of the building has been designed keeping in mind the 4 main religions followed in India…Hinduism,Islam,Sikhism and Christianity….

As we can easily figure out the architecture here resembles with the worship house of the above 4…

Starting from below at the base we get a glimpse of ” Masjid” ….

Above that there is a look alike of “Church”…

Above that it’s the ” Gurudwara”…

And at the top we can see it’s “Mandir”…

How Marvellous is this architecture….
” Holding Treasure inside and reflecting the Brightness outside”…..


Author: itsmeharshi

Common girl trying to pen down her experience with life.....

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