The Versatile blogger award…..

Hello everyone…:):)😍😍

This year is going good with so many award nominations ……:):):)

Here is one more ….”The Versatile blogger award”…..😄😄😄😄


A big thanks and a hug to my lovely friend….Harshi 😘
Check out her blog…

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The rules:

Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to their blog.🌸🌸Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice.🌼🌼 When considering a fellow blogger for the Versatile Blogger Award, keep in mind the quality of their writing, the uniqueness of their subject matter and the level of love displayed on the virtual page.🌺🌺Link your nominees and let them know about their nomination.🌹🌹Share seven facts about yourself🍀🍀

7 Facts about myself…..

1. 🌺 I love eggs more than Chicken…
2. 🌺 I got “The Best Student” award in my School ….when I was in class 12th
3.🌺 I trust Ayurveda more than Allopathy and can easily take Ayurvedic medicines( which tastes yuck btw)….
4.🌺 My favorite color is purple….
5.🌺 I always wanted Dimples in my cheek..I never had any so back in my teenage….I poked pencils in my cheek for hours to get them….:?
And I got lumps not dimples…god that was hell painful…..:o😱😨
Its still there ppl say it looks cute…but guys never do such things…I was an idiot😒😒😒
6. 🌺 I am a keeper…lots of friends tell their secrets to me.
7.🌺 I always wanted to have golden hair since childhood….but sadly I had black hair… so I got 4 flicks colored recently..and I love them.

So here are my nominations…..


These are my adorable friends…I would love to read it from them….:):):)

If you guys are willing to participate …please let me know so that I can read ur post….
Stay Blessed….:):):)

My namesake nominated me for My Lovely Blog award…:)


Hello everyone…..

This post is to announce a good news…
I  met my Namesake here on WordPress…. She is  young,cute,funny ,witty….and her blog is adorable…you can check it out here

So I am thankful to her for her very lovely msg she sent me telling that she is my namesake…:):)
Thanks for following me….and a big thanks for nominating me for   …

“lovely blog Award”…..😘😘

Award´s Rules:

1-You must thank the person who nominated you and includes a link to their blog.                                 

2-You must  list the rules and display the award.                                                                                 3. – You must add 7 facts about yourself.                                                     4-You must nominate 15 other bloggers and leave a comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated….

7 Facts about myself :-
1- I am an introvert.
2-If I trust someone I can be there for them always….:)
3- I am a huge fan of Old Bollywood songs…💗💗💖💖
4- I absolutely love the smell of Kerosene oil, Paints, Varnish, Cherry Blossom shoe polish…(That’s  a weird fact😂😂😂)….
5- Whenever I watch R.Madhvan on screen ….I get a feeling that …my future husband should be like him…
I don’t know why??? 😄😄😄
6- I want to become a very good teacher in my life…📗📘📙📚📚
7- I am very sensitive…I cry easily

So here are my nominations…..


These are my adorable friends…I would love to read it from them….:):):)

If you guys are willing to participate …please let me know so that I can read ur post….
Stay Lovely Stay Blessed….:):):)

Got nominated for the Sunshine award :)….


I am more than happy to know that one of my dear friend has nominated me for the SUNSHINE AWARD…..
She is a sweetheart….you can check her blog here..

I am going to answer the questions she asked me….

1.Describe yourself in three words….

Sensitive, Emotional and honest:)

2. What do you blog about?

Everything which is happening with me or around me and I find it worth sharing.  ☺☺

3.Tea or coffee?


4.Lights on or lights off??

Lights on…I love lights🎆🎆

5.Morning or evening?


6.What can you not live without?

My phone ….😋😋

7.What is your favorite post on your blog??

Well there are many..  Can’t name one:)

8.What is your biggest pet peeve??

Ppl  pronouncing the words wrong😠

9.Aside from blogging what do u do?

Reading, Cooking, listening music  ….:):):)

10. Favorite day of week?


11.Who inspires you??

My Mom….😘😘

Here are my nominations for the Sunshine blog award. . .

All of you guys are adorable bloggers..
I read your blogs regularly….
If you want to participate in the Sunshine blog award, you just need to answer these simple questions by me…
Nominate your favorite bloggers and ask questions to them…..

Well its not compulsory to participate ….It’s just for fun:):) and connecting with other bloggers…..

Here are my questions….   

1. What is the meaning of your name?

2. What is your blog all about?

3.What is your favorite holiday destination?

4. What is your worst nightmare?

5. What is your favorite food?

That’s all….

Let me know if you are participating so that I can check your post …..

Love and blessings..   ☺☺:):):)


Right now I don’t know what is exactly in my mind to write ….because I am in a kind of trauma state and I don’t know what to do????
Except letting the things come out of my mind this place..

May be some of you can relate to and help out….

From the time I came to know ….
What does” Marriage “word means…
I was told that I am going to have an arranged one…..
Like everyone in my family….

And I was always okay with it….

I was never in any relationship or had any personal attachment to any guy up to present……

I was never the social butterfly….
What else I could say???

My new Year Resolution this time included a promise to myself….
That I am not going to waste a second of this year. ……over these things….

I have to focus completely on my studies and my long term goals….

Alas! ….I got a jolt today….
The parents are willing to see me married before next year…
In an arranged style …..

Although they haven’t decided the guy yet….but they will start looking soon..

They are kind enough and have allowed me to choose a guy of my choice but within my caste….

Taking into account my reserved nature
It’s very kind to hear such words from them….

From evening to this time ….just turning pages of books….
Can I study like this?????

Now the words ARRANGED MARRIAGE seem like a Devil to me….I can never trust on….

I can not be the victim of a future which is blank and has to be guessed for rest of the life….

I am not capable enough to find another way….

So this is me today…
And this post is written in the worst condition I could be…

I feel sorry for being a Coward in my real life.