My vision Revision …

I am not able to decide the title of this post …as I am not clear about ,my exact state right now ( mentally) 😥😥

When I was a kid.. some of my friends were having poor eye sight …they use to wear spects which I adored … I considered it as a cool accessory … and even made some fake attempts to show off that I am struggling with my eyes:?:? I complained to my parents about head ache , blurred vision etc… which was all a lie…but nothing helped

Well after some years my views changed…On my prolonged wish…I still appreciated ppl with spects but no not for me..not at all 😦😦

The main reason is …I love my eyes and eyebrows and I hate to get it covered over some artificial eyesss😒😒😒

Guess what god’s planning was … Today after some pblm with my vision ( actually) I went for a check up to Dr. and she suggested the spects …😨😨😵😵😵:o:o:o
right eye -1 , left eye – 0.75


How suddenly I lost my vision…
Well Dr. told that bcz I have always been the front bench student…I was not able to figure out…the problem was started long back…:(:(

Anyways … That’s life:|:|

Everyday is not a happy day…😯😯


Author: itsmeharshi

Common girl trying to pen down her experience with life.....

20 thoughts on “My vision Revision …”

  1. Now you would look more reserved…..anyways check with another one…..even i have my spects but I don’t use them, two of them gave me two different power or numbers, as a result of which I don’t use them thinking that I don’t need them😊😊😊

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