Most of my good -bad memories from last one year is trapped at this place…

I write the things , I can – not express by speaking…that’s why I owe this place a lot , all the bloggers who have been there as companions to sort out my tangled life …I am thankful to you

I am going to share something important …I consider myself the luckiest girl to have such great parents… who have always given me more than I deserved , When most of the girls from my age were getting married , they allowed me to persue my studies in a stranger city …Their love and trust over me is much more than my brother , which my relatives find strange…They gave everything they could and still they are…

I appeared for an examination few days back…its was a state level government officer examination…I won’t lie but I worked hard enough to qualify this exam… Everything under my potential was done to fall in the criteria…but I guess It was not enough… I couldn’t make through the exam…

Excuses never count … You either win or lose…

I cried in washroom so my parents couldn’t see me…I know when they will find out that I am broken …they will be in pain…much more than I am feeling right now.

I have told them about the result and they have consoled me … with their love and trust they are still by my side…

I am not going to give up …how could I ? I am just short of 6 marks from the one who qualified…I can- not quit ….

If life is either win or lose … I’ll keep on trying till I win… I’ll work harder this time…

Apart from losing this exam I guess I lost something more…A part of me which I loved…yeahh I don’t see anything lovely or valuable in me now…

At present I am a failure and… I am feeling it so badly in myself that can’t be explained…

I don’t want anything from me but to win this time…not for my parents or anyone else…but for myself

So that I can face myself bravely.

I won’t end up a loser…never

I wish one day…when I will have enough courage to face myself…I will come back to this place and stay forever.

Good bye


Author: itsmeharshi

Common girl trying to pen down her experience with life.....

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  1. Becoming a govt officer is just an ambition towards a good career, but then before that think of being a good daughter, sister, wife, mother etc, what about those thousands of women who still make careers through pvt jobs?


  2. Beleive that .. you will turn victorious next time … If you do so you will reach greater heights .. i know you could do it … Nexf time when you post blog tell us that happy news ..

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