Got nominated for the Sunshine award :)….


I am more than happy to know that one of my dear friend has nominated me for the SUNSHINE AWARD…..
She is a sweetheart….you can check her blog here..

I am going to answer the questions she asked me….

1.Describe yourself in three words….

Sensitive, Emotional and honest:)

2. What do you blog about?

Everything which is happening with me or around me and I find it worth sharing.  ☺☺

3.Tea or coffee?


4.Lights on or lights off??

Lights on…I love lights🎆🎆

5.Morning or evening?


6.What can you not live without?

My phone ….😋😋

7.What is your favorite post on your blog??

Well there are many..  Can’t name one:)

8.What is your biggest pet peeve??

Ppl  pronouncing the words wrong😠

9.Aside from blogging what do u do?

Reading, Cooking, listening music  ….:):):)

10. Favorite day of week?


11.Who inspires you??

My Mom….😘😘

Here are my nominations for the Sunshine blog award. . .

All of you guys are adorable bloggers..
I read your blogs regularly….
If you want to participate in the Sunshine blog award, you just need to answer these simple questions by me…
Nominate your favorite bloggers and ask questions to them…..

Well its not compulsory to participate ….It’s just for fun:):) and connecting with other bloggers…..

Here are my questions….   

1. What is the meaning of your name?

2. What is your blog all about?

3.What is your favorite holiday destination?

4. What is your worst nightmare?

5. What is your favorite food?

That’s all….

Let me know if you are participating so that I can check your post …..

Love and blessings..   ☺☺:):):)


Author: itsmeharshi

Common girl trying to pen down her experience with life.....

17 thoughts on “Got nominated for the Sunshine award :)….”

  1. Hey , Harshi ! I just found your blog and right now, I’m having a huge smile on my face ’cause my name is harshi as well and I guess you’re Indian, right? So, it means that we have two things in common by far!

    Liked by 1 person

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